Make .htaccess files visible in Aptana Studio

Jan 14, 2010
Posted in aptana

I was having issues getting the .htaccess file to show up in the files window in Aptana. I went to Window->Preferences but there was no clue about fixing it. But here is the solution.

  1. In the "Navigator" view or "Project Explorer" view, look at the top of the view and you'll see a small triangle/arrow pointing downwards.
  2. Left-click this triangle and select the "Filters..." menu option.
  3. In the resulting popup window, uncheck the ".* resources" filter. Once this has been applied all .* files such as .htaccess will be shown


Thanks Pedro, I've been

Thanks Pedro, I've been looking all over for this. All I could find was questions relating to aptana versions < 2.0. I wish there was a suitable alternative to coda on the mac, as aptana doesn't seem to be quite as robust as coda was.

I'm sorry for Notepad++ but

I'm sorry for Notepad++ but now aptana do the trick! many many thanks!!! very useful to me! Note: the CAPTCHA IS HORRIBLE, TOO HARD!!!!!!!! 8 times before my comment has been published (yes, I was changing the number every time...)